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Cosmosil 2mm I.D. Semi-Microbore Columns

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The 2mm I.D. semi-microbore columns of C18 phases are available in the COSMOSIL series. Compared with 4.6mm I.D. columns, the semi-microbore columns are 5 times more sensitive and reduce the solvent consumption by 80%.
The COSMOSIL semi-microbore columns perform best when used with micro analysis HPLC equipment including tubing, injector and detector cell.
The semi-microbore columns can replace existing COSMOSIL analytical columns. Available packing materials are C18-MS, C18-AR-II and C18-AR-300.
Please consult the table and the applications below for selection guidance.
Material characteristics

5C18-MS-II 5C18-AR-II 5C18-AR-300
Silica gel high purity spherical porous silica
Average particle size 5m
Average pore size approx. 120 approx. 300
Specific surface area approx. 300m2/g approx. 150m2/g
Stationary phase monomeric type polymeric type
End capping treatment near-perfect treatment
Carbon content approx. 16% approx. 17% approx. 12%
Sample load capacity
Sample load capacity is proportional to the cross section of the column. Since the cross section of a 2mmI.D. column is about 1/5 that of a 4.6mmI.D. column: the optimum sample load is 1/5 that of the analytical column.
In the example for naphthalene separation below, the theoretical plate number of a 4.6mmI.D. column starts decreasing at 10g of the sample load; for the 2mmI.D. column the decreasing point is 2g.
:4.6mm I.D. column : 2.0mm I.D. Cosmosil 5C18-MS-II column
Injection volume
Dead volume greatly affects the semi-microbore column performance.Use of a micro injector is highly recommended. In order to avoid peak broadening, the injection volume should be less then 1.0l.
Recommended operating procedures
1.Flow rate must be less than 0.2 ml/min.
2.Pressure must be less than 15.0MPa
3.Filter solvents and samples with 0.5m filters.
4.When you use a conventional HPLC system,the theoretical plate number may be lowered by about 30%
5.Use of micro analysis HPLC equipment including tubing,injector and detector cell is highly recommended.
Comparison with 4.6mml.D. column
The COSMOSIL semi-microbore columns are taking over the high performance of COSMOSIL series. The semi-microbore columns can be used in the same applications of other analytical COSMOSIL columns.
Ordering information
COSMOSIL 5C18-MS-I I Packed Column 2.0mmI.D.150mm* 38025-91 Waters type
COSMOSIL 5C18-AR-I I Packed Column 2.0mmI.D.150mm* 37992-51
COSMOSIL 5C18-AR-300 Packed Column 2.0mmI.D.150mm* 37991-61
COSMOSIL 5PYE Packed Column 2.0mmI.D.150mm* 38042-61



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