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Cosmosil 5C18-P-MS Columns

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This column is based on an ultra-pure silica gel (more than 99.99%) with carbon content of only 8.5%. Therefore the retention of polar compounds is relatively longer than that on the C18-MS-II or C18-AR-II. This column is also suitable for the analysis of a wide range of chemical compounds including polypeptides.
Material characteristics

Silica gel high purity porous spherical silica
Average particle size 5m
Average pore size approx. 120
Specific surface area approx. 300m/g
Stationary phase monomeric type octadecyl group
End capping treatment near-perfect treatment
Carbon content approx. 8.5%
Comparison data using different COSMOSIL C18 columns
The COSMOSIL 5C18-P-MS gives quicker separation of most samples compared with other COSMOSIL 5C18 type columns. However, there is a characteristic by which the polar compounds are retained relatively longer on the COSMOSIL 5C18-P-MS.
Separation of di-substituted benzene isomers
Because their characteristics (eg. polarity) and structure is very similar, isomers of di-substituted benzene are one of the most difficult samples to separate. It is possible to separate them at a high probability by using either any or a combination of three types of COSMOSIL C18 (MS-II, AR-II, P-MS).
Ordering information
COSMOSIL 5C18-P-MS Packed Column 4.6mmI.D.150mm 37995-21 Waters type
4.6mmI.D.250mm* 37994-31

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