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Cosmosil Buckyprep Packed Columns

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For the preparative separation of fullerenes, chromatography methods have usually been employed. However, the separation efficiency has been a problem.
The COSMOSIL Buckyprep is a packed column designed especially for the preparative separation of fullerenes by HPLC. The analytical column size offers large load ability equivalent to the mass preparative columns of conventional C18 packings. Thus, the mass preparative separation becomes possible with the use of an analytical HPLC system. Since the COSMOSIL Buckyprep column employs chemically bonded silica phase, no special operation techniques are required
Material characteristics

Silica gel high purity porous spherical silica gel
Average particle size 5m
Average pore size approx. 120
Specific surface area approx. 300m/g
Stationary phase 3-(1-pyrenyl)propyl group
End capping treatment near-perfect treatment
Carbon content approx. 17%
Suggested solvents

Recommended for most cases as the eluent.
When you need to shorten the separation time, use of chlorobenzene may be effective. Fullerenes higher than C70 are eluted in a shorter time.
It can be used as the washing solvent for higher fullerenes adsorbed on to the packings. For washing the column, inject 3ml of 1,2,4-trichlorobenzene to a 4.6mmI.D. x 250mm column and 50ml to a 20mmI.D. x 250mm column after every operation.
When a higher resolution is required, use of n-hexane may be effective. However, the separation time may be prolonged. Use it with toluene (toluene/n- hexane=80/20) if necessary.
Comparison of separation efficiency Since the retentivity of fullerenes on C18 packings is generally weak, the capacity of C18 columns is exceeded when 70l (175g) sample is injected to a 4.6mmI.D.250mm column. However, the COSMOSI L Buckyprep retains fullerenes strongly and can accommodate 2500l (6.25mg) of the sample without seriously degrading the separation. Thus, the capacity of the COSMOSIL Buckyprep columns are 35 times higher than the C18 packings, and preparative separation can be performed by 4.6mm columns without a preparative HPLC system

Ordering information
COSMOSIL Buckyprep
COSMOSIL Buckyprep Guard Column 4.6mmI.D.10mm 37983-71 Waters type
10mmI.D.20mm 37984-61
COSMOSIL Buckyprep Packed Column 4.6mmI.D.250mm 37977-61
10mmI.D.250mm 37981-91
20mmI.D.250mm* 37982-81

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