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Cosmosil PBB packed Columns

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The COSMOSIL PBB packed column employs PentaBromoBenzyl as stationary phase. This phase offers different retention characteristics than COSMOSIL C18, PYE or NPE. The COSMOSIL PBB is especially useful for the preparative separation of fullerenes. It allows the use of carbon disulfide and/or 1,2,4-trichlorobenzene as eluent. This is advantageous to the separation because these solvents exceed toluene in the solubility of fullerenes. The COSMOSIL PBB improves efficiency of the preparative separation of fullerenes including higher fullerenes, metallofullerenes and their derivatives.
Material characteristics
Silica gel high purity porous spherical silica
Average particle size 5m
Average pore size approx. 120
Specific surface area approx. 300m/g
Stationary phase pentabromobenzyl group
End capping treatment near-perfect treatment
Carbon content approx. 8%
Ordering information
COSMOSIL 5PBBGuard Column 4.6mmI.D.10mm 37987-31 Waters type
10mmI.D.20mm 37988-21
COSMOSIL 5PBB Packed Column 4.6mmI.D.250mm 37980-01
10mmI.D.250mm 37985-51
20mmI.D.250mm* 37986-41
*Screw in type column is available.



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