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Cosmosil SL-II-PREP Packing Materials

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COSMOSIL SL-II-PREP is an extremely high performance packing material for preparation with similar characteristic to the 5SL-II for normal phase chromatography. In SL-II-PREP the high purity silicagel raw material is treated during the process to achieve ultra purity. This way SL-II-PREP excellently separates compounds with carbonyl, phenolic or hydroxy groups,- a task used to be very difficult so far. We highly recommend the use of the SL-II series for preparation after HPLC analysis with 5SL-II.
*All chromatograms shown below are obtained with silicagel packed into stainless steel columns.
Material characteristics

Silica gel high purity porous spherical silica
Average particle size 75m 140m
Average pore size approx.120
Specific surface area approx.300m2/g
Application open column chromatography
flash column chromatography
Influence of particle size on peak the shape
The SL-II-PREP is available in three sizes: 5 and 75, 140m (particle diameter). The sharpness of the peak is different depending on the particle size. However, the elution behavior remains the same.
Ordering information
COSMOSIL 75SL-II-PREP 38012-64 100g
38012-35 500g
38012-51 1kg
COSMOSIL 140SL-II-PREP 38013-54 100g
38013-25 500g
38013-41 1kg



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