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Cosmosil Prep Materials Silica Gel 60-N (neutral)

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The pH of conventional silica gel products is acidic. Therefore samples with low acidic tolerance occasionally decompose during purification on silica gel columns. To overcome this problem, Nacalai Tesque has developed a new silica gel with neutral pH.
This new type of silica gel enables not only the purification of samples known for decomposition by acidity, but all newly synthesized compounds with not yet understood physical properties can be refined at ease and without worry.
Material characteristics

75 Silica Gel 60-N 140 Silca Gel 60-N
Silica gel totally porous spherical silica
Average particle size 75m 140m
Average pore size approx. 60
Application open column chromatographyflash column chromatography
Ordering information
75 SILICA GEL 60-N 30511-64 100g
30511-35 500g
30511-51 1kg
30511-06 5kg
30511-22 25kg
140 SILICA GEL 60-N 30518-94 100g
30518-65 500g
30518-81 1kg
30518-36 5kg
30518-52 25kg

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