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Cosmosil and Cosmogel HPLC columns and packing materials

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Type Stationary
Special features and applications
C18-MS-II octadecyl group 16 Mono-functional silylation on ultra-pure silica gel makes this column suitable for the separation of a wide range of compounds.
C18-AR-II octadecyl group 17 Multi-purpose, ultra-pure silica gel based polymeric C18 column with exceptionally strong acid resistance.
NEW!! PAQ octadecyl group 11 Reversed phase HPLC column, compatible with 100 % water based mobile phases!
PYE pyrenyl ethyl group 18 Multiple separation modes including hydrophobic interaction, charge transfer and - interaction makes this column very unique. Especially useful for structural isomer separation.
NPE nitrophenyl ethyl group 9 Similar to the PYE column with multiple separation modes. Very useful for separations impossible with standard alkyl chain columns.
PBB pentabromo benzyl group 8 Designed for the preparative separation of fullerenes using carbon disulphide or toluene as mobile phase.
Buckyprep pyrenylpropyl group 17 Economical preparative separation of fullerenes (higher fullerenes, metal containing fullerenes) on an analytical HPLC system.
Diol-II diol group
Silica-based gel filtration column for high-speed separation of proteins and enzymes.
GPC alkyl group
Columns for organic GPC of polymers, choice of 60 A, 100 A, 300 A pore sizes.

Normal phase chromatography without ionic additives
alkyl or pheny group
Wide pore reversed phase column with high acid resistance recommended for the separation of proteins, polypeptides, nucleic acids and other large molecules.
NH2-MS aminopropyl group 4 Normally used for reversed phase chromatography of various mono-, di- and oligosaccharides but can also be used in normal phase adsorption chromatography with non-polar organic solvents.
C18-P-MS octabecyl group 9 Generally recommended to improve retention of very polar compounds.
C8-MS octyl group 10 Shorter retention than C18-MS-II but otherwise provides excellent separation for many compounds.
C4-MS butyl group 7 Short alkyl chain length suitable for the separation of more hydrophobic compounds.
TMS-MS trimethyl group 5 Provides shorter separation time for classes of compounds with wide range of polarities.
PE-MS phenylethyl group 10 Provides greater retention for aromatic compounds.
CN-MS cyanopropyl group 7 Alternative to improve peak shape or shorter retention times.
DEAE,QA,CM,SP ion exchange groups
COSMOGEL columns based on a hydrophilic polymer gel; 4 types are available: DEAE and QA for anion exchange-, and CM and SP for cation exchange chromatography.
Other column types
3.0mm I.D, columns Solvent saving economical columns
2.0mm I.D. columns Semi-microbore columns
Fast LC columns Very quick separations!
Preparative columns Ever widening range of huge preparative columns
Guard columns and cartridges Lengthening the life time of your valuable columns
Packing materials
C18 Prep materials For medium pressure or open column reversed phase chromatography
SL-II Prep materials For medium pressure or open column normal phase chromatography
OPN For open column reversed phase chromatography
Silica Gel 60-N Neutral pH for the medium pressure chromatography separation of delicate molecules
Cosmosil, Silica Gel packing materials Packing materials for HPLC, silica gels



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